Do you know boxing without gloves?

We are not going to lie. Many of us who have ended up respecting the noble art as much more than a sport came to it attracted by the most basic instincts it arouses. That is why sports such as MMA, barekuckle boxing, confrontations between various opponents are becoming more and more popular… and mainly because of their violent component.

However, we should not confuse boxing without gloves or bareknuckle fighting with a sport without rules and contrary to the rules of boxing, since the only difference is the absence of gloves, but not the bandages that protect the wrist joint and knuckles.

We have to remember other countries like Vietnam or Burma with their traditional sports Muay Thai and Lethwei respectively in which you can hit with all parts of the body including the head in Burmese boxing. In these sports, you often compete without gloves. Only some bandages or minimal knuckle and wrist protection are worn, as well as, of course, Muay Thai or Lethwei pants if applicable. By the way, don’t forget to check out our Muay Thai shorts (they’re awesome!).

In the following video you can see the development of this sport and how it leads us to the origin of boxing and the confrontations that in England itself took place between boxers whose only protection was their ability to dodge blows: