– Your belt represents your hours of dedication and your experience in soft art, so it must be of the best quality and endure all your training sessions until you have to change it for the next one.

– Fightbr4nd belts are sewn by hand with 8 seams that guarantee the greatest resistance.

– They are woven 100% with high-quality cotton that guarantees the durability of the brightest colors.

– The measurements are approved by the IBJJF with 4.5 cm width and 0.5 cm thickness that allow an aesthetic and flat knot to be made .

– Our belts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu logically have the black stripe (red on a black belt) to mark the grades and your evolution as a BJJ fighter.

– The sizes are as follows: A1 (270cm), A2 (285cm), A3 (300cm) and A4 (320cm)

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