Do you know what Jiu Jitsu or BJJ is?

Until Nicolas Cage will star in the movie Jiu Jitsu, soft art had hardly been mentioned in the cinema. But the ignorance of this sport ended years ago when someone decided to get into a ring and put it to the test along with the rest of the martial arts.

Many people today think that a sport that is practiced in a kimono is another martial art without real functionality. However, since the arrival of the Gracies, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become the most popular fighting sport among MMA practitioners and law enforcement. This is due to the fact that their dislocations, strangulations… often allow them to reduce an opponent without the need to cause major damage.

But soft art is much more than its extreme functionality and its power to defeat opponents without needing to unleash a single punch, kick or punch. BJJ is made up of many values, it is sweat and camaraderie that is forged every day we step on the mat. Below you can see a video in which you can enjoy some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques applied in MMA but do not forget that to understand this sport, it is necessary to take off your shoes and enter the tatami before.