Jiujitsu techniques and how yoga will improve your BJJ

Any BJJ technique must be learned on a mat as not knowing your defense, not clapping on time or not being under the supervision of someone qualified can lead to very serious injuries. That is why we want to emphasize that under no circumstances should these techniques be performed outside the tatami with your teacher if you do not have experience in this sport.

That being said, there are a series of essential techniques for any belt, although we will focus the ones that we show below on the white belts that come in search of a review of what they have seen in class.

The following techniques are shown for Gi and for No Gi (grappling). The difference is that for the first you will need a BJJ gi or kimono and for No Gi you will only need a good rashguard.

foot wrench



Llave de brazo


multiple stretches that will strengthen your flexibility and mobility, essential skills in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Thanks to the flexibility that yoga gives us, it is possible to perform techniques as amazing as those taken from the rubber guard that you can see in the following video: